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Welcome to EV Charging Co’s home charging solutions. All models in this range can integrate seamlessly into your daily life, providing quick and reliable charging in the comfort of your home. Tailored to fit your specific needs, our products come with expert installation and reliable servicing. Embrace the future of sustainable energy with our electric vehicle home chargers — crafted for the tech-savvy Sydney sider seeking efficient, green energy solutions.

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Think of a home EV charger as your personal fuel station right in your garage or driveway. It’s all about convenience and efficiency. No more detours to public stations or waiting in line — your car charges while you sleep or enjoy your coffee. Plus, home chargers typically juice up your car quicker than your average outlet, meaning you’re always ready to roll. It can also potentially boost your home’s value for future environmentally conscious buyers.

The energy consumption of a home EV charger largely depends on the charger’s capacity. Typically, chargers range from 3.6kW to 22kW, with the higher capacity chargers offering quicker charging times. To give you an idea, a 7kW charger — which is one of the most common home chargers — will use 7kWh of energy for every hour it’s charging. The total energy used in a charging session will depend on how depleted the vehicle’s battery is and the battery capacity.

For example, if your vehicle has a 40kWh battery and is completely depleted, it will take approximately 40kWh of energy. You can then multiply this with the prevailing energy rate to come up with the cost of a charging session.

Charging an electric vehicle using a home charger varies depending on the charger’s power output and the EV’s battery capacity. A standard 7kW home charger typically fills up your car’s battery overnight, just in time for your morning commute.

A higher-powered charger, such as a 22kW model, can significantly reduce this time, provided your vehicle can accept the faster rate and your home electrical system can support it. Remember that it’s not a one-size-fits-all — different cars have different charger requirements. Our advice? Reach out to us for more personalised assistance.

Yes, charging your EV at home is safe, and with the right equipment, it’s as straightforward as charging any other device. Modern home EV chargers come with a host of safety features. Additionally, make sure a qualified technician installs your home charger to ensure it meets all safety standards and regulations. Contact us today and explore our suite of services.