Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector 7.3m

Embrace the future of charging with the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector – 7.3m. This sleek, powerful solution for homes or workplaces provides up to 71km of range per hour of charge.

Compatible with Model S, 3, X and Y
22kW (32A, 3-Phase)
7.3m cable length
IP55 rated

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The Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector is a state-of-the-art charging solution for electric vehicles. More than just a minor tweak from its predecessor, it’s an entirely new product designed to match the modern needs of EV owners.

Smaller and lighter than the previous generation, the Gen 3 Wall Connector features a sleek glass front display covering a white background, giving it a futuristic look. The cable is noticeably thinner, making it very easy to manage. It’s actually one of the thinnest cables on any high-powered level 2 charger on the market.

The Gen 3’s standout feature is its ability to load share up to 16 devices wirelessly. This innovative approach allows multiple wall connectors to share a single electrical feed, saving costs and enhancing installation possibilities.

As a WiFi-enabled smart charger, the Gen 3 Wall Connector offers the potential for future smart-charging features. This connectivity enables easy provisioning with a smartphone, firmware updates over the air from Tesla and daisy-chain load sharing with multiple units.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Tesla
Power Rating: 22 kW (32A, 3-Phase)
Cable Length: 7.3 metres
Protection Rating: IP55
Communication: Wi-Fi enabled
Customizable Power Levels: Adjustable on a range of circuit breakers
Residual Current Detection: Type A + DC 6 mA
Installation: Approved for indoor and outdoor installation
Faceplate: Tempered white glass
Charging Status Indicator: LED light strip
Dimensions: Height: 345 mm, Width: 155 mm, Depth: 110 mm
Weight: 8 kg
Maximum Current: 32 A
Power Supply: 3-Phase
Operational Temperature: -30 °C to +50 °C
Compatibility: Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor, Tesla Model 3 Long Range Performance, Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, Tesla Model S 100D, Tesla Model S P100D, Tesla Model X 100D, Tesla Model X P100D, Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Motor, Tesla Model Y Long Range Performance


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