Benefits Of Installing An Ev Charger For Your Home Or Business


Convenience and Accessibility

Having an EV charger on your premises means no more waiting at public charging stations. Charge your vehicle at home overnight or provide employees and customers with accessible charging at your business. It’s convenience at your doorstep


Energy Cost Savings

With the ability to charge during off-peak hours, you can take advantage of lower electricity rates. For businesses, offering charging can be an additional revenue stream or a value-added service to customers and employees.


Environmental Responsibility

By installing an EV charger, you help reduce emissions and support cleaner transportation. It’s a statement of your environmental stewardship.


Property Value Enhancement

For homeowners, an EV charger is an attractive feature that increases property value. Businesses can enhance their brand image by aligning with modern, eco-friendly practices — attracting like-minded customers and partners.


Future-Proofing Your Property

As electric vehicles become more prevalent, having a charger ensures you’re ahead of the curve, ready to adapt to new

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EV Chargers For All Settings

EV Charging Co. is your trusted provider of adaptable charging solutions. From home garages and dynamic commercial spaces to public charging stations, we deliver dependable EV chargers to fit all applications. Experience the convenience and reliability of our versatile charging options.

We Use Only The Best Parts For Every Project

We understand that superior results stem from using premium parts, which is why we partner with only the industry’s leading manufacturers for every installation. Our high standards are reflected in our choice of materials.


Our Installation Process

Embark on a journey of seamless EV charging with our comprehensive installation process, guaranteeing accuracy, quality and a hassle-free customer experience.

  • Initial Consultation

    Share your desired specifications with our experts, so we can match you with the ideal charging system that complements your lifestyle.

  • Site Assessmen

    Our seasoned team conducts an in-depth on-site assessment, pinpointing the perfect spots for your EV chargers and evaluating your site’s electrical capacity. We consider factors like your energy consumption and potential upgrades, aligning everything with your preferences.

  • Charger Placement and Installation

     Following the planning stage, we proceed with carefully positioning and installing the EV charger, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your space.

  • Wiring and Circuit Integration

    Our technicians expertly design and integrate the wiring and power circuit, crafting a flawless connection for your charging system.

  • Safety Component Installation

    We install essential safety features like isolation switches and residual current devices, upholding our promise to create a secure and reliable charging solution.

  • Connection to Power Supply

    Your charger is then connected to the power source, ensuring it’s fine-tuned for peak performance.

  • System Activation

    We customise and activate your charger, setting up all features to align with your preferences.

  • Quality Assurance and Verification

    Our final step involves rigorous testing and verification to make sure every component functions perfectly. Once complete, you’re ready to enjoy the convenience of your new charger.


Frequently Asked Questions

At EV Charging Co., we specialise in both residential and commercial EV charger installation. For domestic setups, we provide compact, user-friendly units, perfect for home garages or driveways. These chargers blend into your home environment while offering fast and efficient charging.

In commercial spaces, our focus is on durable, high-capacity models designed to withstand frequent use by customers and employees. Our range of products is versatile, accommodating various vehicle models and charging speeds. Explore our product catalogue for more details.

The time required for an EV charging installation largely depends on site-specific factors. Most residential installations are completed within a day, with minimal disruption to your routine. Due to their larger scale and complexity, commercial installations may take longer. Nevertheless, our team will work efficiently to ensure your EV charging solution is up and running as quickly as possible without compromising safety or quality.

The cost of EV charger installation varies based on charger type, installation complexity and additional electrical requirements. After our initial consultation and site assessment, we’ll provide you with a detailed and transparent quote. For a precise estimate, we recommend contacting us directly.

Yes, EV chargers can be installed in various locations to suit different needs. For home charging, a residential garage or driveway is typical, while commercial and public spaces like parking lots, shopping centres and workplaces are ideal for broader access. In addition to private installations, public EV charging installations are increasingly available across Australia.

Choosing the correct EV charger for your home or business depends on several factors. For home installations, consider the type of electric vehicle, daily mileage and parking space. A Level 1 charger might suffice for overnight charging if you have a plug-in hybrid or low daily mileage. However, a Level 2 charger is more suitable for all-electric vehicles or higher daily usage, offering faster charging speeds.

For businesses, the choice depends on the intended use. A mix of Level 1 and Level 2 chargers can cater to different needs if the charger is for employee use. For customer-facing installations, Level 2 models offer a good balance between speed and cost. High-traffic commercial areas or service centres might benefit from installing DC fast chargers to serve customers quickly. Consulting professionals like us at EV Charging Co. ensures you get expert advice about your EV charging installation.