Charging Forward — Your Path To A Sustainable, Future-Ready Lifestyle

In an era embracing sustainable energy, having a reliable charger for your EV is quickly becoming a necessity. With EV Charging Co., you get seasoned Sydney technicians who can help you navigate this transition. Your needs guide our approach, ensuring a tailored fit that integrates flawlessly with your daily life. Our promise of excellent workmanship means you receive a solution that’s efficient today and adaptable for tomorrow. As specialists in EV charger installation and servicing, we’re here to make your transition to a greener lifestyle as smooth as possible. Book a consultation today.

We Use Only The Best Parts For Every Project

EV Charging Co. believes the best results come from using the finest materials available, which is why we partner with only top manufacturers for every project we undertake. From the most minor component to the most complex systems, our commitment to quality remains the same.


EV Chargers For All Settings

EV Charging Co. is your go-to for versatile charging solutions. Whether it’s a home garage, a bustling commercial space or a public charging station, we can equip it with a reliable EV charger.


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From homes to businesses, we’ve powered Sydney’s transition to electric — one charger at a time


In-House Excellence

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t employ contractors to deliver our services. Instead, every project we take on is handled by our vetted in-house team. This ensures we keep the same quality workmanship with every job.

Thorough Site Assessments

Our meticulous on-site assessment includes evaluating suitable locations for various EV chargers, analysing power requirements against available resources, monitoring energy demands to assess potential infrastructure upgrades and exploring billing options for vehicle charging. You won’t find this kind of attention to detail elsewhere.

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our ev installers are licensed

Our electricians adhere to Australian standards and electrical safety best practices when installing electric vehicle chargers. We take every precaution to ensure that our installations are safe and reliable, so you can charge your electric vehicle with peace of mind.

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