Ocular LTE – Universal EV Charger

Discover the Ocular LTE Universal – EV Charger, designed to seamlessly integrate into any home or light commercial setting. This universal EV charger stands out with its sleek design and a class-leading LCD screen for live feedback. Perfect for the eco-conscious driver and tech-savvy homeowner alike, Ocular LTE redefines the charging experience with its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities.

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Universal to every EV in Australia, it offers simplicity and weather-resistant charging with options for 7kW or 22kW output. Invest in a universal EV charger for a reliable charging solution for your home or business.


Advanced universal EV charger features for the modern ride

  • Visionary charging feedback

The LCD screen on Ocular LTE Universal – EV Charger doesn’t just display charging statuses — it immerses you in a detailed charging experience. Read real-time data on charging speed, duration and more in vivid detail and experience more informative and engaging interactions.


  • Universal compatibility and convenience

With Ocular LTE, compatibility concerns are a thing of the past. This universal EV Charger is designed to work with all electric vehicles available in Australia, including Tesla. Keep yourself prepared for the road ahead, regardless of your vehicle choice.


  • Built to last, designed to impress

Beyond its sleek exterior lies a universal EV Charger built for the elements. With an IP66 rating, Ocular LTE is equipped to handle any weather, ensuring durability without sacrificing style. The integrated cable holder further exemplifies the charger’s blend of form and function, keeping your charging area neat and organised.


Get your Ocular LTE – Universal EV Charger at EV Charging Co. 

Embrace the future of electric vehicle charging with Ocular LTE. Its blend of elegant design, advanced features and user-centric operation makes it the perfect addition to any home or business.

Discover the new era of EV charging with EV Charging Co. Explore our range of universal EV Chargers and revolutionise your EV ownership experience today.


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