Wallbox Pulsar Plus

A compact and efficient home charging solution, Wallbox offers up to 22kW charging capacity. It’s designed for modern charging habits and can be controlled via Bluetooth or WiFi. Features like Power Boost and adjustable current settings provide a tailored charging experience.

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The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is a smart, wall-connected EV charger designed for modern needs. It delivers up to 22kW of power, ensuring a fast and efficient charging experience for your vehicle. Whether you’re topping up your battery for your daily commute or preparing for a longer road trip, the Pulsar Plus has you covered.

Control your charging experience remotely via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi using the intuitive myWallbox app. Schedule charging sessions, monitor energy consumption and even adjust charging currents to optimise your home’s power usage. The Wallbox Pulsar Plus also features Power Boost technology, which provides an extra burst of power when needed.

With its compact design and sleek aesthetics, this wall-connected EV charger seamlessly integrates into any home environment. It’s also built with safety and durability in mind, featuring advanced protection against overheating, overcurrent and short circuits.


Key Features:

  • Up to 22kW charging power
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Smart charging features with app control
  • Power Boost technology for top charging speeds
  • Power Sharing functionality for multiple cars
  • Solar panel compatibility through the Eco-Smart technology
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Safe and durable construction


Install the Wallbox Pulsar Plus today

Upgrade your home and driving experience with the Wallbox Pulsar Plus. At EV Charging Co., our in-house, licensed electricians ensure a seamless installation that adheres to the highest safety standards, giving you the fast, reliable charging you deserve.

We pride ourselves on providing detailed assessments and tailored solutions that fit your specific needs. That’s why, besides the Pulsar Plus, we offer a range of premium models, including the Tesla Wall Connector EV charger and more.

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