Benefits of having an EV charger at home


Energy cost savings

The innovative technology in new chargers also optimises usage, giving you more savings long-term.


Convenience and accessibility

Enjoy the ease of charging your electric vehicle overnight, ready for the next day, right from the comfort of your home.


Home value enhancement

Boost your property’s appeal and market value with a state-of-the-art EV charger.


Future-proofing your property

Stay ahead of the curve with a home EV charger installation. As electric vehicles become the norm, your property will be equipped for the future.


Environmental responsibility

Reduce your carbon footprint significantly by investing in an EV home charger installation.


Our installation process

Experience a seamless transition to electric vehicle charging at home with EV Charging Co.’s thorough, customer-focused installation.

  • Initial consultation

    Engage with our experts to tailor a charging system that perfectly meets your needs.

  • Site assessment

    Our team conducts a comprehensive on-site evaluation to identify ideal locations and check electrical requirements.

  • Charger placement and installation

    We strategically place and install your home EV charger, ensuring a smooth integration into your environment.

  • Wiring and circuit integration

    Our technicians design and seamlessly integrate the wiring and circuitry, providing a reliable and efficient charging setup.

  • Safety component installation

    We install crucial features like isolation switches and residual current devices for a secure charging experience.

  • Connection to power supply

    Your charger is carefully connected to your power system, fine-tuned for optimal functionality.

  • System activation

    We’ll finally activate your charger, aligning all settings with your preferences.

  • Quality assurance

    Our final step is a thorough quality check, ensuring every aspect functions flawlessly for your immediate use.

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Take the leap to EV home charging today

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Frequently Asked Questions

The timeframe for installing a home EV charger varies based on factors such as the installation’s complexity and your home’s specific requirements. Generally, it can take from a few hours to a full day.

Yes, EV chargers can be installed in apartments, but it requires coordination with property management or the body corporate. It’s essential to ensure that the electrical infrastructure of the building can support the charger and that permission is granted for the installation.

In Australia, the requirements for permits can vary based on local regulations. However, it’s commonly required to have a licensed electrician conduct the installation. At EV Charging Co., we will handle securing a permit and compliance with local council standards.